It is a belief in astrology that a person’s personality can be predicted using their sign of the zodiac. A person’s particular sign of the zodiac is the one that the sun was in when they were born. You can dive deeper by finding out about your sun, rising and moon placements with our personalised birth charts.

Cosmik Rum -Air



Sign: The Lion

Mode: Fixed

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Date: 23rd July – 22nd August

Bottle: Cosmik Fire – Orange, Ginger and Lime

It’s a Lion’s world for the people born under the sign of Leo. This Ambitious and fiercely protective zodiac sign embodies the essence of being the “king of the jungle” in every aspect of their lives. Their passionate authentic charisma can lead them to being easily misunderstood and oftentimes misjudged by the other zodiac signs.

These natural-born leaders embody all things warm and bright like their ruling planet the Sun itself. Oozing with optimism and confidence this sign embraces the limelight and uses integrity to get themselves through any situation this life delivers to them.


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