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Dive Deep Into An Unparalleled Personalised Taste Experience
Welcome to the exciting world of Cosmik Rum, where tradition meets innovation and psychological pleasure.

The world’s first combination of flavours represents the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Cosmik Rum is the perfect personalised gift for someone special. Here you can do your own research about your zodiac sign, purchase inspiring books on how to develop your own spiritual skills and have a birth chart reading specifically created by our head astrologer. We like to call this “informative fun”.

Cosmik Rum


Astrology Is A Blue Print Of “You”

Take some time to show your loved one that you have gone the extra mile to make their day special by adding a personalised birth chart to your gift box.

Most people think this is just ‘light reading’ but in fact it has an inner depth to your souls desires, past and present. The time and place of birth at that given moment were the planets, sun and moon depicting your choice in this life time and a map of how your life progress and the lessons you have chosen to learn this time. Our beautiful charts make the ultimate personalised gift as each one is unique to each person.

Birth charts are also available as their own printed copy and a consultation can be booked for a more in depth reading with our head astrologer.

Even if you are not certain about your time of birth, by pin pointing impacted events in your life we are able to establish your time of birth this way.


Think Self Awareness And Understanding

Astrology began in Mesopotamia. Research shows that dating back up to 25,000 years ago it was used and practiced to record lunar cycles.

The Babylonians were advanced astronomers who were able to accurately document the cycles of the planets. Zodiac signs originated from the Babylonians and their ability to record such information from the same skies we still have above us. The 12 zodiac signs we have today were adopted by the Greeks in the 4th century BCE resulting in the zodiac and horoscopes we are familiar with in todays generation.

By combining your zodiac sign with the holistic understanding of the planet placements, and their ever changing positions in the sky. We can understand the affects they have on us today, and use it as our own personal guide to manoeuvre through our own lives with the right energy and correct understanding. Astrology can be used for some to seek understanding in times or situations that leave us speechless without anybody to get answers from. Astrology has been redirected from something that’s “not real” to something that allows us to gain clarity, and understanding and mix that in with our own real life experiences.

Cosmik Rum

“Millionaires don’t use astrology, Billionaires do.”

JP Morgan