Cosmik Rum FAQs – Answers To Your Queries

A birth chart is a map of your soul & who you are by nature. It can also determine your past life when choosing to look deeper with our head astrologer.

If birth time is unknown we can still produce a birth chart. NB may not be totally accurate to your nature. Also if your birth time is unknown and you want to dive deeper you can do what’s called “a rectified chart” which identifies your time of birth with our head astrologer.

7-10 days if a birth chart is included.

2-3 days for a bottle and book gift box.

Next day delivery in the UK for all bottle only packages.

Due to seasonal high demand delivery dates will change slightly. Please go to checkout for your estimated delivery.

Yes of course. We understand that not every body drinks alcohol so our drink is more to reach the masses and hopefully spark something that encourages people to dive deeper within themselves to gain understanding and hopefully clarity.

Attached is the Amazon kindle link to purchase the book online

All books purchased through our website will be delivered as a paperback copy.

Combining Cosmik rum and astrology creates a distinctive brand that enhances our consumers experience. Rum, known for its history and diverse flavour profiles, becomes a medium for exploration. By infusing astrology, a timeless source of self reflection into the brand, we offer more than just a drink, we provide a tool for self discovery. The unique blends of our four rums align perfectly with astrological traits, encouraging you to explore your preferences and go deeper into understanding both the spirit you enjoy and yourself. This unique combination transforms a simple spirit drink into a personalised journey. Spark conversations and connect over the world’s first unique beverage personal experience. Savour not only our rum but your own unique characteristics.

We are fully sustainable and recyclable in our packaging.

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I would like to join Cosmik, where should I send my CV?

Granted we don’t have any jobs advertised at the moment, however the right people with the right energy and skill set will find us at the right time. If you think is you, please send over a 13 minute video exposing your zodiac sign and your past life experience so we can make sure you’re in alignment with the rest of the team.

JOKING Please send us a video (up to 120 seconds long) of yourself explaining who you are, and what skill set you sure you could bring to the team at Naomi’s.

(There are no rules, so be as creative as you want to be)


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